When alumni get jobs...

Several lab alumni have landed faculty jobs recently. We wish them all the best in their new labs! From top left, clockwise:

Masanori Sakaguchi is now an Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba in Japan (web).

Alonso Martinez-Canabal is now Profesor de Asignatura A at UNAM  in Mexico.

Jason Snyder is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at UBC in Vancouver (web).

Blake Richards is Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology at the University of Toronto Scarborough (web).

Scellig Stone has taken a position at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard.

And Szu-Han Wang is at the Centre for Cognitive & Neural Systems at the University of Edinburgh (web).

Football and science in Brazil

Paul was at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Sao Paulo this last week. Jerry Hogan and Altay Souza hosted a neuroscience and behavior symposium, featuring Paul and Patricia Izar. Paul talked about Anne Wheeler’s memory network paper (here’s a video of the symposium, including the first minute or so translated into Portuguese). There’s 3 hours of it so you’ll need strength! Above, some Sao Paulo street art (it’s everywhere). More pictures from the meeting, plus a visit to the Pacaembu stadium to see Santos play will be posted very soon.

Opening weekend

Jose Bautista. Stadium dog. $11.25 Bud Light. R.A. Dickey. Nosebleed seats. JAYS WIN! YANKEES LOSE! It’s opening weekend, and the lab’s first excursion to the Rogers Centre for 2014. Pictures soon.

Brain Activity Mapping symposium at SickKids

Understanding how brain-wide patterns of activity translate into behavior is the current neuroscience du jour (see Obama’s BRAIN initiative, for example). Our lab has a big interest in this– last year Anne Wheeler published a paper mapping brain networks (or functional connectomes) for fear memories. To get in on the action we organized this symposium and invited some of the top names in the field– Ed Bullmore and Karl Deisseroth. Toronto speakers included Randy McIntosh, Sam Doesberg and our own Sheena (below, addressing a full auditorium). Pictures from the symposium are posted here.

Behavioural neuroscience in the west

This week is the Behavioural Neuroscience meeting in Fernie, BC, drawing people from Calgary, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Vancouver. This year’s event is hosted by Cam Teskey and Bryan Kolb. Below are Matt Hill (Calgary) and John Howland (Saskatoon) after a day on the powder. 

Adult neurogenesis: From stem cells to therapies

Rene Hen (above), along with Vidita Vaidya and Amar Sahay hosted the latest adult neurogenesis gathering in Mumbai last week. The meeting featured a great line up of speakers and those making it into our pictures include Sebastian Jessberger, Craig Stark, Mazen Kheirbek, Fiona Doetsch, Nora Abrous, Linda Overstreet and John Lisman. These pictures of the meeting, as well as others from Mumbai, are posted here. A huge thanks to Vidita, Amar and Rene for organizing a fantastic meeting!

Our over-performing undergrads

It’s prom night! For little in return (apart from the odd med school letter) our team of undergrads work tirelessly for the cause. Making PFA, counting cells, testing mice. From top to bottom: Joey, Peter, Nancy, Soojin, Matt and Victoria. A big thank you to all of you!

The Kitamura band

Takashi Kitamura from the Tonegawa lab visited this week. He gave a talk on his new paper on entorhinal cortex ‘island cells’ (that project to the newly-named ‘Kitamura band’ in the hippocampus). Above, Takashi and Axel in serious and less serious pose.


The annual winter conference on the neurobiology of memory took place in Park City, Utah this week. There was a boisterous debate on the usefulness of new vs. old techniques which spilled over to twitter. And there were a ton of great talks and great skiing. Below, Alcino Silva (@alcinojsilva), Kay Tye (@kaymtye) and Jason Snyder (@jsnsndr) on the slopes. More pictures here.

The annual airing of grievances

Jonathan with the festivus pole. Pictures from our holiday party at the Red Room on Spadina.