SfN15: Day 1 (afternoon)

sfn sheena@sjo09 giving her plenary.

SfN15: Day 1 (morning)

The ‘bean’. sfn15

Where are they now?

where are they nowA bunch of former Frankland lab members got academic positions in the last few years. Here’s the roll of honour:

Scellig Stone- Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital

Masa Sakaguchi- Tsukuba University

Maithe Arruda-Carvalho- University of Toronto Scarborough (April 2016)

Blake Richards- University of Toronto Scarborough

Anne Wheeler- Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto

Alonso Martinez-Canabal- UNAM (Mexico City)

Jason Snyder- UBC

Szu-Han Wang- Edinburgh University

Adam Santoro- Google DeepMind (London)

Nohjin Kee- University of Toronto

Catia Teixeira- Nathan Kline Institute/NYU

Fairweather lab

The Jays are on fire, and so two, instead of one, lab outings to the Rogers Centre this year. Friday night, Red Sox in town and a 6-1 win for the Jays. Some pre-game, game and post-game shots featuring Justin, Lyn, Lina, Axel and jays 2015b

Threat is the new fear

joe ledoux at EBBSJoe LeDoux giving his keynote at the European Brain and Behaviour meeting in Verona, Italy, last week. Joe makes his case for renaming fear conditioning: “We can’t tell if animals are fearful”. Threat is the new fear.

Congratulations, Aijing!

aijingOn successfully defending her MSc today. Her thesis work is on neurogenesis-mediated forgetting of recent vs. remote memories.

New review: Have we found the engram?

There’s been a flurry of recent papers on the engram– observing it, erasing it, and even artificially activating it. Have these new studies actually found the elusive engram? We review the evidence in this new Nature Reviews Neuroscience paper.nrn1

Dr. Calm

Without any fluster, Adam Santoro successfully defended his PhD on Monday. He’s the seventh PhD from the Frankland lab. In his thesis he developed a model to describe complementary contributions of episodic and semantic systems to memory expression. We thank external examiner Brian Wiltgen for joining us from UC Davis, and congratulate Adam on an outstanding defense of an outstanding thesis. Next stop for Adam: Google DeepMind. We will miss you!adam

Japanese Neuroscience 2015

Karl Peter Giese , Brian Wiltgen, Mauro Costa-Mattioli and Satoshi Kida in Tokyo on Monday. More pictures to followsushi 2015.


For Leonardo’s Journal of Neuroscience paper we submitted some images for the cover. We got beaten out by an organotypic slice culture. Here’s two versions of the cover that never was…jn covers leo