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A second lab victory in stump the editor. Beating Journal of Neuroscience editor-in-chief Marina Picciotto this time is Adam Ramsaran (who, incidentally, has a new profile page on the lab website). Congratulations Adam! adam tweet

Festivus 2015

The best Festivus ever. Happy Festivus from the Josselyn/Frankland labs… Jonathan and Chen (top left), Daisy, Liz and Mika (top right), Lina and Frances (bottom left), Patrick and Adam (bottom right).festivus 2015a

Festivus feats of strength?

Starring Brandon, along with (from top to bottom) Axel, Colleen and Sungmo.
festivus 2015b

… and grievances

… a record-breaking yearfestivus 2015c

We have a winner!

lina stump the editor2.jpgCongratulations to Lina– winner pf the Journal of Neuroscience‘s weekly Stump the Editor quiz. She faced off against Editor-in-Chief Marina Picciotto on twitter and triumphed. Left, Lina (winner) proudly displays her hand-signed note from Marina (loser).

New Review: Hippocampal neurogenesis and memory clearance

Like your reviews short and to the point? Here’s 3 paragraphs on neurogenesis and forgetting, just published in Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews. A pdf is available here. NPP2.

Making Memories symposium at SickKids

making memoriesOn Friday the Neuroscience and Mental Health program at SickKids hosted a special symposium on memory, and were treated to some outstanding talks from Loren Frank (UCSF), Graham Collingridge (Toronto), Morris Moscovitch (Toronto) and Lila Davachi (NYU). Pictured are Loren, Morris, Sheena (our MC) and Lila.

SfN15: Day 1 (afternoon)

sfn sheena@sjo09 giving her plenary.

SfN15: Day 1 (morning)

The ‘bean’. sfn15

Where are they now?

where are they nowA bunch of former Frankland lab members got academic positions in the last few years. Here’s the roll of honour:

Scellig Stone- Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital

Masa Sakaguchi- Tsukuba University

Maithe Arruda-Carvalho- University of Toronto Scarborough (April 2016)

Blake Richards- University of Toronto Scarborough

Anne Wheeler- Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto

Alonso Martinez-Canabal- UNAM (Mexico City)

Jason Snyder- UBC

Szu-Han Wang- Edinburgh University

Adam Santoro- Google DeepMind (London)

Nohjin Kee- University of Toronto

Catia Teixeira- Nathan Kline Institute/NYU