Maithe Arruda-Carvalho

  • Position: PhD student

  • Originally from: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Degree(s): BSc, MSc (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

  • Joined in: August 2007

  • Publications: Pubmed Search

Where did you study before coming to Toronto: I studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, from where I have a BSc in Biomedical Science and a MSc in Biophysics.

Currently working on: Adult neurogenesis and memory

Favorite paper: I guess on a personal note I’d have to say Aragona et al. 2006 (Nat Neurosci. 9:133-9)Lu et al. 2005 (Nat Neurosci. 8:212-9) and Lee et al. 2004 (Science 304:839-43) for being my introduction into the molecular basis of behavior.

Why science? If I weren’t a scientist, I would be… Because it was the only area I could get away with asking so many questions and disagreeing with people. Science fuels my necessity of learning and challenge. If not science I’d do something beautiful, like being a writer or, god forbid, a movie director.

Interests outside the lab: Movies, literature, travelling, art, cooking and eating different food.

Favorite place inToronto: I love the markets, especially Kensington Market. I feel it’s somewhere people can be themselves and enjoy diversity and expression in food, fauna and flora.