Does Max Performer Have Side Effects?

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Does Max Performer Have Side Effects?

Sexual problems have become rampant among men due to increasing age.  Older men have issues with their erections and sex drive due to reduced levels of testosterone.

However, despite the various natural supplements in the market, men are reluctant to try due to the fear of side effects. Plus, the FDA has also listed some male enhancement supplements that are harmful to the user and have cautioned against their use.

We understand how it feels not be sure about a product, but we can assure you some supplements have proven safe and genuine.

Here, we will evaluate if Max Performer, a natural libido enhancer, has side effects.

The manufacturer states

‘the ingredients in Max Performer have been backed by real research and clinical trials, which proves Max Performer to be 100% safe and side effect free.’

Possible Side Effects

We did not find any reports of side effects.

But, we have prepared some possible side effects from the ingredients with the highest dosages.

The manufacturer has used 1000mg of each of the below components.

Horny goat weed

Horny goat weed is tolerated well by most individuals.

Thus, it is possibly safe when taken for a short period.

There is no established daily dose, so we cannot tell, what is recommended.

However, there are potential side effects when taken for long periods  such as

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Thirst

When taken in high doses it may lead to

  • Low blood pressure
  • Spasms
  • Severe breathing problems


Maca is safe to use among most individuals. It is unlikely to cause side effects. There have been no reports on any health risks.


Cordyceps is safe to use but only in short term use.

It causes the immune system to become more active, which could increase the symptoms of autoimmune conditions.

Red Korean Ginseng

Red Korean Ginseng is safe to use, but some individuals may be allergic to it, causing the following side effects.

  • Diarrhoea
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Irregularities in blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Mania

How To Avoid Side Effects?


Generally, Max Performer is well tolerated by most individuals. However, to avoid the risk of side effects, the following measures should be followed:

Do not abuse the pill

Some people overdose the pill to have extra strength and stamina. However, doing so may cause the user to develop allergic reactions.

Take with a lot of water

Take the capsules with enough water to aid absorption and breakdown of the pill. Additionally, this will help prevent gastrointestinal disturbances by the pill.

Follow guidelines

Take Max Performer as directed by the manufacturer.

Overdosing or mega dosing may be dangerous to your health.

Speak with your doctor

It is always safe to talk to your doctor before taking any supplement to rule out the possibility of side effects.


The following people should not use Max Performer

  • High blood pressure patients
  • Men who have had a heart attack/stroke in the past six months
  • Individuals with retinitis pigmentosa
  • A history of kidney and liver disease
  • Actively taking alcohol
  • Heart conditions

Bottom Line

There are no known side effects of Max Performer.

However, as with every supplement, there is the possibility of side effects.

Discontinue use in case you become ill or develop an allergic reaction after taking Max Performer.


Jaundice in Healthy Newborns

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Jaundice in Healthy Newborns

Jaundice refers to the “yellow discoloration” of skin and the white of the eyes caused by excessive bilirubin in the blood. This bilirubin is produced by the breakdown of the red cells in the blood.

Normally, bilirubin passes through liver and is excreted as “bile” through the intestines but it occurs in all newborns as it accumulates faster than it can be excreted. Reasons for this are-

  • Newborns make more bilirubin than adults as the life span of their red blood cells is less so there turnover is more than adults.
  • A newborn’s liver is still immature at birth to excrete this bilirubin faster.
  • Larger than normal amount of bilirubin is reabsorbed from intestines before baby gets rid of it via stool

Jaundice which appears within 24 hours of birth is always “abnormal” and suffering child should always be immediately shown to his pediatrician who should get it thoroughly investigated and treated. High levels of serum bilirubin in newborn babies can cause serious complications like deafness, cerebral palsy and even death.

Levels above 20 mg/dl are considered abnormal and sometimes, exchange transfusion, is done in such cases to prevent mentioned complications. The risk is further accentuated in pre-term, low birth weight and infected babies. Intervention is required at much lower levels of serum bilirubin in such babies.

Physiological Jaundice is the name given to jaundice seen in most newborns between 48 to 72 hours of age. It usually completely disappears by 2 weeks of age. It mainly occurs due to immaturity of liver.

Breastfeeding jaundice occurs in newborns not getting enough breast milk to feed and not due to breast milk itself.

Breastmilk Jaundice is a diagnosis made by excluding all other causes. It is caused by substances present in breast milk itself. It may take 3-12 weeks to resolve itself but is usually “benign”.

Blood Group incompatibility between baby and mother, usually seen in mothers having Rh-ve or O blood group, is another serious cause of jaundice in newborns due to antibodies produced by the mother against baby’s blood group. It usually appears within 1st 24 hours after birth.


An Easy Guide for Avoiding Dangerous Herb Combinations

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An Easy Guide for Avoiding Dangerous Herb Combinations

Herbs are a great way to keep your body healthy, and ward off any type of disease and sickness. However, there are numerous herb combinations that could be fatal if you ingest them at the same time. While there is a plethora of information about what herbs you should take, what about the herbs you should not combine with each other? If you accidently combine certain herbs together than the results could be disastrous, and in severe cases, even deadly, because of this, I have provided a guide showing you where to learn more about herb combinations and what herbs you should not use together.

The first step in understanding what herbs you should and shouldn’t combine together, is knowing that most natural herbs are not dangerous when you mix them together. It is when you mix herbs with synthetic medications that the danger becomes a real threat.

Before you begin taking any type of herb, you will need to visit your doctor and discuss what herbs you can and cannot take. This is important if you have pre-existing health problems, and even more important if you are on any medications. Even if you are only on cold medicine, you will need to consult a professional before ingesting any herb.

Perhaps the most important step in taking herbs, is calling your local herbalist. These professionals will be able to inform you what herbs you should mix together, and which ones could be a danger to your health. You can access the Internet for this information, however, it is much quicker, and much more accurate, if you speak with a professional Herbalist, or Herbal Consultant.

When you purchase herbs, make sure that you follow the directions printed on their labels, or told to you from the clerk that served you, very carefully. If there is any danger of mixing an herb together, this information will be readily available to you. Remember, herbs are great for short-term use within your body, however, if you ingest these herbs for long periods of time they can actually raise the toxicity level within your body, thus causing many various health risks and ailments.

Whenever you begin taking a new herb, it is very important that you listen to your body. If you feel any strange sensations that are uncomfortable, discontinue use immediately and see your doctor. These include heart palpitations, any type of vision impairment and chest pains.

Health The Premiere Vitamin Wholesaler

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Not getting enough calcium in your diet? Do you think a multivitamin would help you gain more energy? Want the benefits of green tea but don’t like the taste of tea? Or would you just like to do some research about vitamins and supplements?
If you’ve asked any one of these questions, may be the site for you.

Vitacost is one of the premiere online supplement stores in the nation, and has been a personal favorite of mine since I discovered it two years ago.

The beauty of Vitacost is in its unbelievable selection of nearly every vitamin, herb, or mineral supplement on the planet. It has everything from multivitamins to amla to l-carnitine to SAM-e to vitamin b to shark liver oil to green tea extract, and everything in between.

It offers well over 500 different products, each one with several brands (sometimes as many as 20 or 30) to choose from. There is virtually no supplement you can’t find at Vitacost, and you will most certainly find a brand at an incredible price.

The products are separated into several convenient categories, including anti-aging, bodybuilding, diet & weight management, minerals, homeopathy, formulas, supplements, vitamins, sexual health, and many more.

The site also has a food and grocery section offering an impressive array of healthy, antioxidant-rich foods and drinks. It sells herbs and spices, tea, vegan foods, vegetables, organic baby food, beans, and so much more.

One of the best features of the site is its wide range of kosher, vegan, and vegetarian supplements. There is an entire section of its website dedicated to kosher supplements, with over 50 brands providing kosher alternatives of vitamins, herbs, grocery items, minerals, formulas, and much more

Most supplements found on the site carry at least one kosher brand, allowing men and women from every walk of life to enjoy the benefits of dietary supplements at

The educational resources the website provides are amazing. It offers an extensive rating system for every item it sells, letting buyers know exactly what quality they’re getting with every product. And if you’re just looking to research what supplements might be good for you, the site features a health library, a newsletter, and a catalog that comes every few months-everything you need to know about vitamins and supplements is provided free of charge by Vitacost.

It even offers a wide selection of its own formulations of multivitamins and antioxidants, with high-energy multivitamins as well as ultra-potent antioxidant tea extracts.

Should you need to call their customer service hotline, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your call will be answered. And on top of that, the customer service staff is unbelievably polite and accommodating, perfectly willing to answer any billing or shipping inquiry you may have.

About a year back, one of my orders arrived without one of the supplements I had ordered. I called the customer service hotline, was connected to a customer service professional within 15 seconds of dialing, and after explaining the situation, the representative had a replacement order shipped to me right away with no questions asked. It was truly quick and painless, and the experience left me confident that I was in great hands with Vitacost.

Shipping is only 4.99 on any size order, and the site follows a strict same-day shipping policy. Products are shipped USPS or Federal Express, and usually arrive within a week. It offers expedited shipping for an additional charge.

It accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and even accommodates payments through PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, the site offers download order forms to print and send in through snail mail.

In short, Vitacost has it all, and as far as online vitamin wholesalers go, it can’t be beaten. Highly recommended.

If you’re ready to experience the world of health and wellness Vitacost offers, you can visit their website at