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Vitacost.com: The Premiere Vitamin Wholesaler

Posted by Clifton Hudson on
Vitacost.com: The Premiere Vitamin Wholesaler

Not getting enough calcium in your diet? Do you think a multivitamin would help you gain more energy? Want the benefits of green tea but don’t like the taste of tea? Or would you just like to do some research about vitamins and supplements?
If you’ve asked any one of these questions, Vitacost.com may be the site for you.

Vitacost is one of the premiere online supplement stores in the nation, and has been a personal favorite of mine since I discovered it two years ago.

The beauty of Vitacost is in its unbelievable selection of nearly every vitamin, herb, or mineral supplement on the planet. It has everything from multivitamins to amla to l-carnitine to SAM-e to vitamin b to shark liver oil to green tea extract, and everything in between.

It offers well over 500 different products, each one with several brands (sometimes as many as 20 or 30) to choose from. There is virtually no supplement you can’t find at Vitacost, and you will most certainly find a brand at an incredible price.

The products are separated into several convenient categories, including anti-aging, bodybuilding, diet & weight management, minerals, homeopathy, formulas, supplements, vitamins, sexual health, and many more.

The site also has a food and grocery section offering an impressive array of healthy, antioxidant-rich foods and drinks. It sells herbs and spices, tea, vegan foods, vegetables, organic baby food, beans, and so much more.

One of the best features of the site is its wide range of kosher, vegan, and vegetarian supplements. There is an entire section of its website dedicated to kosher supplements, with over 50 brands providing kosher alternatives of vitamins, herbs, grocery items, minerals, formulas, and much more

Most supplements found on the site carry at least one kosher brand, allowing men and women from every walk of life to enjoy the benefits of dietary supplements at Vitacost.com.

The educational resources the website provides are amazing. It offers an extensive rating system for every item it sells, letting buyers know exactly what quality they’re getting with every product. And if you’re just looking to research what supplements might be good for you, the site features a health library, a newsletter, and a catalog that comes every few months-everything you need to know about vitamins and supplements is provided free of charge by Vitacost.

It even offers a wide selection of its own formulations of multivitamins and antioxidants, with high-energy multivitamins as well as ultra-potent antioxidant tea extracts.

Should you need to call their customer service hotline, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your call will be answered. And on top of that, the customer service staff is unbelievably polite and accommodating, perfectly willing to answer any billing or shipping inquiry you may have.

About a year back, one of my orders arrived without one of the supplements I had ordered. I called the customer service hotline, was connected to a customer service professional within 15 seconds of dialing, and after explaining the situation, the representative had a replacement order shipped to me right away with no questions asked. It was truly quick and painless, and the experience left me confident that I was in great hands with Vitacost.

Shipping is only 4.99 on any size order, and the site follows a strict same-day shipping policy. Products are shipped USPS or Federal Express, and usually arrive within a week. It offers expedited shipping for an additional charge.

It accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and even accommodates payments through PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, the site offers download order forms to print and send in through snail mail.

In short, Vitacost has it all, and as far as online vitamin wholesalers go, it can’t be beaten. Highly recommended.

If you’re ready to experience the world of health and wellness Vitacost offers, you can visit their website at www.vitacost.com.