4 Ways To Lose Weight With Honey And Cinnamon

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While there is no magic bullet for weight loss, honey and cinnamon has been found effective for weight loss when taken along with proper diet and exercise. It can hasten the rate of weight loss and help to overcome food cravings by reducing your appetite and making you feel full. Honey alone contains antioxidants and enzymes that are beneficial for various health issues.

Cinnamon is equally promising in stabilizing blood sugar levels and increasing the metabolism of glucose. Since high blood sugar levels encourage storage of fat, cinnamon helps to prevent fat storage. Honey and cinnamon combination not only aids in weight loss but can help to deal with many health problems like regulating blood pressure, heart disease, relieving stress, lowering cholesterol, curing skin problem and boosting immune system.

Combination of honey and cinnamon works wonder when taken at the beginning and end of the day and is proven to assist in your weight loss goal in all natural way.

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How To Use Cinnamon And Honey For Weight Loss

Boil a cup of filtered water. Mix 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon powder to it. Steep for 15 minutes and allow it to cool. Now add a full tsp. of raw organic honey to cinnamon mixture and drink as mentioned below.

Method 1: In The Morning

Starting your day with this all natural drink will set the tone for the rest the day. It will help to rev up your digestive system, speed up your metabolism and increase your energy level. It will also help you stay away from cravings for fattening meal at lunch.Take this mixture as soon as you wake up and wait at least for thirty minutes to have your breakfast. Regular drinking of this mixture as first thing in the morning will definitely promote effective weight loss results.

Method 2: Between Meals

When you are aiming to lose some weight, you may have experienced that between the meals you feel cravings and to eat some snacks especially when you are at work and surrounded by vending machines and other tempting junk foods your co-workers have brought in.Taking cinnamon and honey mixture in between meals will help to curb your appetite, making it easier to restrict yourself from snacking on junk foods. This drink will help to keep your blood sugar level stable and help you stay alert or focused throughout the day and also avoid after lunch snacking on junk meals, which is one big reason for gaining weight. For enhancing the taste, you can add juice of half a lemon to it.

Method 3: Before Aerobic Workouts

Taking honey and cinnamon mixture before aerobic workouts can make its result more effective. This drink will help to provide more energy to push through and also help you burn more calories.

Method 4: Before Bedtime

Taking honey and cinnamon mixture before bed time can help to curb night time cravings for snacks and midnight trips to refrigerator, which is a great set back to your weight loss goal. You will be able to sleep without hunger pangs that keep you awake at night. Honey will also help to curb the craving for sweet after dinner.

Additional Tips

To gain maximum benefit from this combination of honey and cinnamon drink, the mixture of the ingredients should be in the 1:2 ratios; that is, one spoon of cinnamon to 2 spoons of honey. Always mix honey in a liquid after bringing it to room temperature. Mixing honey in hot liquid can destroy the enzymes it contains.