5 Dangerous Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Fish oil is obtained from fishes. This oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and antioxidants that are very beneficial for the overall health of body. There are numerous benefits of consumption of this oil in the form of supplements and capsules. If this oil is taken in large amounts then it can cause harm to your body. Many of us are not aware of the side effects caused by its risky levels.

What Are The Dangerous Side Effects Of Fish Oil?

1. Heart Problems

Over consumption of fish oil above permissible limits leads to clogging of the skin pores and increases the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Stomach Ailments

Anything which is processed, synthesized and treated has the potential to cause health ailments. Fish oil is one such product which causes you stomach discomfort which include burps with a strong taste and smell of fish, unpleasant taste in the mouth, acidity, poor digestion etc. With too much if fish oil you would experience heart burn and acid reflux.

3. Heavy Metal Poisoning

This is one of the most dangerous problems caused by the intake of fish oil. Fish oil contains mercury in it that can lead to serious damage to your body’s internal organs most importantly the liver and the heart.

4. Diarrohea

Some of the cheap brands in the market sell rotten or rancid fish oil. This oil has a very detrimental effect on the body. It contains the toxins which are present in the water in which fishes swim. This can cause imbalance in the digestive tract and lead to Diarrhoea.

5. Increase in weight

Some people have noticed that they suddenly gain weight when they consume fish oil. This unexpected negative effect of fish oil leads to other problems related to overweight.As per the studies done on fish oil, it is shown that one can consume maximum of three grams of it on a daily basis. Over consumption of it leads to serious illnesses.

These above mentioned side effects when ignored can also take the life of a person. So ensure safe consumption to reap its full benefits while protecting from its negative side effects.