The Best Smart Beds (And How to Use Them)

best smart beds

You will spend a third of your life sleeping — if you are doing it right! Lots of people struggle to receive adequate rest, but thankfully there are lots of tools to help you get the job done. A high-quality mattress, pillows, or bed frame could all aid in improving sleep quality.

These sleep essentials are arguably some of the best long-term life investments you will ever make, so don’t be shy when it comes to your comfort, and ultimately, your health and well-being too.

With this in mind, we’re going to explore some of the best smart beds on the market that will help you to achieve what we’ve just touched on. The beauty of smart beds is that they come as a more customizable version when compared to most regular beds, offering the utmost in comfort that suits your own individual needs, and they are ‘connected’ to add simplicity and convenience.

Let’s dive into the deep end and find out what you’re missing out on!

Beautyrest Smart Motion 3.0

Beautyrest Smart Motion 3.0

We all carry with us a unique sleeping pattern, and this can make it hard for couples to get sound rest when trying to adjust to their partner’s pattern and habits.

The Beautyrest Smart Motion 3.0 puts an end to that conundrum by providing many positioning pre-sets for your feet and head, while also giving you six massage settings that can be adjusted individually for either side of the bed in the split king variant.

Add in the fact that there’s a sleep tracker, and you’re on to a winner. What’s more, there’s a remote (two if you go for the double king) that neatly slides into a magnetic holder positioned on the base’s side, so you can control everything while remaining in ultimate comfort.

Head and leg spaces can be fine-tuned to meet your comfort needs and enjoy the therapeutic effects as well.

Your sleep tracking is facilitated by a device called the Sleeptracker Monitor. It’s a portable, foam-covered sensor you place in between the base and the mattress by the pillow area of the bed. The Monitor will track your heart rate, motion, and breaths per minute to work out which sleep stage you’re in before feeding the data to the app.

You can review your sleep results with a total breakdown of all three phases. As well as the times spent in each, along with data on your resting heart rate. Once collated, the app uses your results to provide daily sleep tips.

Eight Sleep Saturn+

Eight Sleep Saturn+

The team at Eight Sleep claim that the Saturn+ is “the first bed that learns the perfect temperature for your sleep, and dynamically warms or cools according to your needs.”

Using more than 43 million hours of tracked sleep and circadian rhythm research, its most cutting-edge feature, Dynamic Temperature has been developed using AI that learns your sleep routines/habits. This allows it to adjust the temperature of the bed automatically, while you sleep, to keep you asleep.

This is an all-foam mattress that is made up of three layers. To help with heat dissipation and to conform to your body’s contours. And with its medium hardness, this mattress is great for people who are back or stomach sleepers.

Did you know that a warm bed will help you fall asleep faster? This has been taken into account, and as such, there’s a preheating option for the mattress, with a target temperature for your specifications. The bed contains movement and temperature sensors, a heart rate monitor, and heating elements that work to make your sleep as optimal as possible.

You can analyze the information the bed picks up after a few nights of sleeping on the Saturn+. The app will display your sleeping patterns and present you with an overall score that shows your quality of sleep.

Each morning you are given sleep tips on how to enjoy better rest, based on the previous night’s data.

Sleep Number 360

Designers at Sleep Number say they’ve developed this bed to “keep you and your partner effortlessly comfortable” through the use of Responsive Air™ technology.” The tech is designed to automatically adjust firmness and support to ensure you are always properly comfortable for your best level of sleep.

The adjustable base gives you great individual comfort and can prevent unrest from snoring that occurs when sleeping in certain positions.

What’s more, the Sleep Number’s 360 mattresses can be manually altered by you to create a custom firmness via the SleepIQ app, and you can pair this with their adjustable bases and mattress pads, for the ultimate in custom-made bed options for you and your partner to benefit from.

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has the option to pre-warm each side of the bed, similarly to the previous brand’s tech, meaning you and your partner can both feel the optimum temperature to induce your best sleep.

Simply use the dual controls on either side of the bed to find your ideal comfort zone, and let the bed do the rest!