How To Choose The Right Razor For Male Skin

men with razor

Even though women are known for their razors and shaving routines, men also have their own daily shaving regimen. While most women shave just about every type of body hair, most men stick to shaving their face, which makes the need for the right razor so important.

Although men have oilier skin than women, daily shaving can be tough on their complexion so it only makes sense to use a razor that will give you the smooth shave you need without damaging your skin.

Electric Razors

Because of the daily demand for a closer and smoother shave, the electric razor has grown to become one of the most essential skincare products a man can have. Nowadays, most men reach for their favorite electric razor and have all but eliminated traditional razors from their skincare routine.

If you think an electric razor is what you need in your life, there are a few things to consider. First, you must decide how much money you are willing to spend. Electric razors aren’t cheap but that doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet to get the best one on the market. You can find a decent and effective razor for anywhere between $45-100.

Next, decide whether you want to use a rotary or foil electric razor. Rotary razors have the circular heads that spin to remove the hair, while foil razors come equipped with a screen-like top. Rotary razors are ideal for removing long hairs and are easier to move around the contours of the face. Foil razors usually offer a closer shave but have difficulty cutting long hairs.

The main thing to keep in mind when using an electric razor for the first time (no matter which kind) is that it takes the skin a few weeks to one month to adjust to the effects of the razor so don’t expect overnight results. After this trial period, you will be able to accurately determine whether the electric razor you’ve chosen works for you.

Non-Electric Razors

For those who don’t mind sticking to traditional shaving methods, regular shaving razors can be purchased at a much more affordable price than electric razors. With the advancements in skincare technology, traditional razors for men range from one single blade to as many as four or five.

Single blade razors are rarely used anymore, as they have a greater chance of irritating the skin and causing nicks and cuts. The more advanced razors come with double or triple blades, which make for a closer and smoother shave. Many also come with special moisture strips and easy-to-grip handles for more flexibility and maneuvering.

Traditional razors work well in the shower or out, but if you are turning to regular razors to groom yourself, be sure to also equip your shaving arsenal with the right shaving products that will give you a smooth shave and healthy skin. Shaving cream, soap or gel can be found at virtually any store.

There are also lathering creams that work as a shield to protect your skin from the blade and also contain glycerin, which works to make your skin soft afterwards. Bristle shaving brushes made from badger hair helps get a rich lather going and preps the skin for shaving. If you choose, you can also apply an after shave treatment to your skin after shaving. These products keep the skin from becoming dry and provide moisture to your complexion.


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