Garcinia Cambogia Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

In this Garcinia Cambogia review we will explain to you what is Garcinia Cambogia, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

garcinia cambogia review

Have you had enough already?

So many products promising weight loss and none of them seem to work.

That’s the sad truth most programs are designed to fail you.

It’s shocking I know.

There’s a silver lining here just keep on reading and you will find out a something that has proven to work over and over again.

Here’s the thing, the workouts and diets do work for a small percentage of people who try it.

But for the majority it’s a failure.

The reason behind is that we simply just don’t have enough time or energy to do the things that are required by these demanding weight loss programs.

What Is The Solution?

Forget about starving yourself just to lose a few pounds which you will regain too fast.

Forget about waking up at the break of dawn just to hit the gym and be a zombie at work.

There’s something new and better which will skyrocket your weight loss efforts.

This “method” is called Garcinia Cambogia.

This diet supplement promises you to get you fit in less than 4 weeks. Best of all it’s so powerful that you can lose weight without changing your current lifestyle.

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What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

garcinia cambogia fruit

This strangely-named and strange-looking plant (it looks like a mini-pumpkin, often in bright green or yellow) is indigenous to Southeast Asia, and has been touted by Oprah’s favorite doctor, Doctor Oz, as the next diet miracle.

But, unlike other “fad diets” and trendy “weight-loss” supplements, the effects of Garcinia Cambogia are backed up with ongoing research, which is slowly revealing this quirky little fruit’s powers as an appetite suppressant and fat burner.

The power of this fruit lies in its concentration of HCA, or Hydroxycitric Acid, a citric acid derivative found in many tropical plants that has the ability to regulate the production of fat, especially by the liver.

Garcinia Cambogia, in regulated doses, delivers enough of HCA to help produced the desired effect of decreasing the production of fat while at the same time making the body consume its current stores.

It also fools the mind into feeling “full” faster, by inducing the secretion of serotonin, a chemical which not only controls mood but also the urge to eat (and you wonder why people eat when they’re sad).

The bonus side effect is that the extract of Garcinia Cambogia may also potentially act as a mood-enhancer, in the same vein as chocolate, but without the nasty fattening effects.

Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

The one thing that we always hear about Garcinia Cambogia is that it’s great for weight loss.

That is most definitely true, because it suppresses your appetite and it makes your liver burn fat instead of creating new fat.

But, there are several other benefits that some people don’t realize.

  • First, people feel an increase in energy. The extract is a natural stimulant, which means that you will have more energy without feeling nervous or shaky. This energy will help you get through your day and it’ll help you stick to that exercise regimen that you may not have been able to stick to due to a lack of energy.
  • Another Garcinia Cambogia benefit is that it creates serotonin. Serotonin helps with moods, keeping mood swings under control. Many people who take Garcinia Cambogia report feeling better after taking the supplement for a period of time. Their hormones and mood swings are more under control than ever, which allows them to avoid emotional eating and other problems that may come because of out-of-control emotions.
  • There have also been reports of Garcinia Cambogia reducing cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Obviously, these are natural side effects of weight loss, but Garcinia Cambogia helps you reduce these faster and more effectively than weight loss alone may do.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Garcinia Cambogia side effects

Be warned, this side effects list attempts to be as comprehensive as possible, and therefore contain a number of observations that may be unsavory.

To be fair, the side effects reported include those for pills that include other components besides Garcinia (ie. non-pure Garcinia Cambogia extracts), or when taking it well above the maximum recommended levels.

According to a 2012 review published on the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal, no significant adverse effects are present when the extract is taken at up to 2800 mg a day.

Don’t Take It If You Have These Conditions

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are strongly discouraged from using the Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and individuals taking medication for lowering cholesterol (eg. Statin) are advised against taking it as well.

It may worsen their condition.

  • The Garcinia Extract May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

While the hydroxycitric acid content of the extract from Garcinia Cambogia makes it an effective solution for weight loss, it has a different effect in a user’s blood sugar level.

Quite specifically, the extract is known to decrease a person’s blood sugar which is why people who are suffering from diabetes are advised against using the supplement.

To be on the safe side, diabetics should first consult with their doctor and obtain approval to take the supplement.

This especially applies for those who are under specific medications including insulin.

The dosage of medication may be adjusted so they can take the supplement safely.

It is also strongly recommended for diabetic patients to constantly monitor the level of their blood sugar as they take Garcinia Cambogia.

  • The Extract May Cause Allergic Reactions

One of the reported side effects is allergic reaction.

Some individuals’ system may not be naturally compatible with Garcinia Cambogia which causes them to experience allergic reactions to the supplement.

Among the symptoms include skin rash, itching, hives, and tingling sensation in the mouth and throat.

Other signs include chest tightness that may cause difficulty in breathing.

Wheezing as well as swelling that may occur in the face, hands and throat is also possible.

Experts advise that users who experience such symptoms of allergic reaction to the supplement should consider it as a medical emergency.

  • Gastrointestinal Issues

People who consume the extract in excessive amounts are more prone to developing gastrointestinal issues.

These include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and intestinal pain, among others.

Another potential side effect is headaches.

  • Possible Testicular Shrinkage At Extreme Levels

In a research study involving fat male rats, excessive doses of Garcinia Cambogia had been administered.

Such doses resulted in both positive and negative effects.

On the positive side, the obese male rats’ fat accumulation level significantly decreased.

However, testicular shrinkage was also common among them.

This was reported in the Food and Chemical Toxicology on March 2005.

To isolate the issue, researchers decreased the male rats’ dosage and found no negative side effects.

The decreased amount is still considered high at about 389 mg measured per kilogram of the subjects’ body weight.

In human consumption terms, it translates to over 26,000 mg daily for those who weigh 150 pounds!

Contrast this with the recommended dosage of 500 mg to 2800 mg daily for adults.

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit and extract are generally safe for consumption.

Users should not be bothered by side effects as long as they stick to the recommended dosage and follow precautions.

It is a viable option to lose weight safely, but be sure to take it as recommended.

If you have doubts, or have a current medical condition, do get the advice of your doctor before trying

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Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

Garcinia Cambogia reviews

Does Garcinia Cambogia work? Yes! One-hundred times yes!

Not only does this extract work, it’s been acclaimed by dozens of medical professionals, and even Dr. Oz.

Thousands of people have tried it for themselves and have seen their appetites reduced and their lifestyles changing for the better.

Check out these testimonials from happy consumers.

Martha Haydon (age: 39):

Two years back, things were not as great as they are today. I was 185 lbs and totally depressed. Due to my overweight, my blood pressure, and sugar levels were high, and I was on the verge of taking even any desperate measures to lose these extra pounds, but luckily, I found Garcinia Cambogia extra, a true lifesaver. I claimed my youthful body back and still able to maintain my weight. I am just 134 lbs now and much happy and content than before, thanks to this revolutionary product, go for it, it is my only advice.

Christopher Jack (age: 26):

Garcinia Cambogia Extra delivers what it promises. It works nicely as an appetite suppressant. I love the fact that how well it works because I used to eat a lot due to stress and I could eat anything. Stress eating is for real, and it is not a joke! When I used to stress out, I used to binge on food. However, this product changed things. I have had better control over my appetite, I can manage a healthy regimen of meals and frankly speaking, I have lost 15 kilos, and for me, it is kind of achievement! Do buy it to see real improvement in you.

Bella Adam (age: 52):

I have been overweight for 20 years, but as I am getting older, I am willing to lead a healthy lifestyle, and without weight reduction, it is not possible in my particular case. My daughter Lisa found Garcinia Cambogia Extra, and she wanted me to go for Garcinia Cambogia Extra. Just in one month use, my reaction was wow! I am simply amazed at such a minimal list; this good has some real value for your money. I love it, and I am totally motivated to you use this product till I get my desired number on weighing scale. Though I am losing weight on low pace, I am happy with its progress. Way to go!

Garcinia Before and After Photos

garcinia before and after

garcinia before and after

garcinia before and after

Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia?

where to buy Garcinia Cambogia

Since this extract’s being endorsed by Doctor Oz, there have, inevitably, been a rash of “fake” and/or potentially harmful products on the market.

It is important to purchase Garcinia Cambogia that has no fillers, finders, or any other artificial preservatives, as these may potentially cause the extract to lose potency.

When it doubt, make sure to scrutinize the label on the package, and buy only from reputable health food sources.

We recommend Garcinia Extra from

It is not available at the local stores or from the local retailers, and the main reason is to keep its purity and quality intact.

Garcinia Extra Price & Packages

Well, different packages are available that the customers can choose from.

  • First package (1 bottle) – BUY NOW

One bottle will cost $49.95. The customer will get “5 Training & Nutrition Guides” free of cost.

  • Second package (2 bottles + 1 Free) – BUY NOW

Two bottles will cost $99.95. The customer will also get another bottle and “5 Training & Nutrition Guides” free of cost.

  • Third Package (3 bottles + 3 FREE) – BUY NOW

Three bottles will cost $149.95. The customer will get three more bottles, one Advana Cleanse bottle, and “5 Training & Nutrition Guides” free of cost.

Are There Any Shipping Charges?

The company offers free worldwide delivery.

Garcinia Extra Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The producers are quite confident about their good, and that is why they are offering, no risk, no hassle, 60-day money back guarantee.

Therefore, if the customer is not happy with the results of the supplement, he or she must return the product within 67 days of the receiving date and the company will be paying 100% price excluding postage or packaging charges.

Moreover, this money back guarantee is for all the packages.

About The Producers

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is the product of Wolfson Berg Limited; this Company operates from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The organization has been working in supplement industry since 2004, and most of its goods are related to health, wellness, and clean energy.

The ERGO Group Limited has had over a decade experience that is easily visible through their involvement in a variety of commodities.

Moreover, their every item is manufactured in facilities that are FDA certified, and they use all the ingredients of Pharmaceutical-grade.

Garcinia Extra Ingredients

This is a simple supplement because it contains just two natural, plant-based ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Raspberry Ketone.

Let’s talk about the second one.

Raspberry Ketone

raspberry ketone

Raspberry Ketone is a substance, and it has the origins of the raspberries.

This is the prime compound that provides raspberries their signature aroma.

This mixture has got significant importance in the weight loss industry due to its stimulating powers that have the potential to be helpful in the processing of dietary fats.

Moreover, Raspberry fruit is also acidic in nature.

Thus, it will be great at stimulating metabolic rate as per the Ayurvedic medicine experience.

This is not only about the Ayurvedic medicine experience, but as a matter of fact, a few of the experiments have proved this point as well.

These studies were conducted on a variety of mammals, and almost all of them are deflecting in one direction that Raspberry Ketone has the high probability to be helpful for humans.

This product contains around 200 mg of Raspberry Ketone in every single serving, and the ratio is enough to compliment the Garcinia Extract.

Both the ingredients have the tendencies to collaborate and help the body to shed the fat content faster.

It is simply a worth selecting option for those, who have been searching natural yet effective remedy for weight loss.

The detail regarding other ingredients is not available anywhere due to keeping its confidentiality.

How Does Garcinia Extra Work?

Garcinia Cambogia Extra claims that within the supplement, the extract is completely natural and it has the potential to burn fat, suppress appetite, and improve the mood of the user.

Furthermore, Raspberry happens to encourage fat burning and keep it at bay for a long time.

Well, in the International Medical Research Journal, a 12-week study was issued.

It was declared that 300 mg extracted form of Garcinia on a daily basis, in the mixture of other useful herbs, can help consumers lose up to quarter pound per week and around 3 pounds in three months.

Moreover, every serving of this supplement provides 1000 mg Garcinia Cambogia potential, and it is likely to accelerate the speed of weight loss up to 3 times as compared to the other products that possess Garcinia but in a very limited ratio.

How To Use Garcinia Cambogia Extra?

  • At a time, take one capsule.
  • Two capsules twice a day.
  • It is best to take the capsule just 30 minutes prior to a meal and with at least 500 to 800 ml water.
  • Better to take supplement in morning or afternoon.

Why You Should Buy Garcinia Extra?

  • It is a product of a reliable brand.
  • It contains ideal amount of Garcinia Cambogia extract, and that is why it has been able to provide good % of HCA.
  • The organization is giving money back guarantee.
  • The composition is 100% natural, so it is not likely to cause any severe side effects that are quite usual to expect from synthetic drugs or medicines.
  • This weight loss good is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Thus, everyone can use it with ease.
  • Dr. Oz has declared it “the miracle pill” in his TV show.

Is Garcinia Extra A Scam?

Garcinia Cambogia scam

It should be clear by now that Garcinia Cambogia is the real deal when it comes to losing weight and is definitely not a scam.

However, it would be disingenuous to call this supplement a “miracle.”

Losing weight is not easy, even with this groundbreaking new supplement.

You will still need to eat healthy and get lots of exercise if you hope to lose weight.

This supplement should be viewed as one part of a routine that will help you lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia Review Verdict: Start Losing Weight Today

Now that some of the myths about Garcinia Cambogia have been dispelled it is time to start using this product to help you lose weight.

Be sure to get it from an authorized source that you trust and to use it as instructed on the bottle.

If you are extremely overweight or obese then you should also work hand in hand with a doctor or nutritionist to help develop an effective strategy that includes Garcinia Cambogia, diet and exercise.

With the correct approach and right attitude you can start losing weight today using Garcinia Extra.

There is never a better time than the present to start getting healthier, as the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of that extra fat.

Now is the time to get out of your recliner and start taking control of your weight problems.

So, what do you think about our Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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