HydroxyCut Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

In this HydroxyCut Review we will explain to you what HydroxyCut is, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it

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We have seen thousands of brands rise in the past two decades promoting weight loss products to the world.

The U.S. industry for diet products alone is already worth more than $70.3 billion already.

This all seemed exciting for the obese population, but people have become aware of the fact that most brands tend to make promises that they cannot deliver on.

The majority of weight loss brands on the market today delivers products that are ineffective, leading to millions of people wasting their hard-earned money on products that are entirely useless.

This does not mean that all of these weight loss supplements and programs are a waste of money, however.

Some products have helped people lose weight and overcome the life-threatening consequences of obesity.

Today, we are turning our focus to HydroxyCut, a brand that specializes in the manufacturing of weight loss supplements, as well as sports nutrition, to help their customers achieve their goals.

What Is HydroxyCut?

HydroxyCut Logo

HydroxyCut is a brand that manufactures a variety of weight loss and sports supplements.

While their main aim does seem to be on the range of weight loss supplements they have to offer, the company also seems to be providing their customer with some effective supplements that can be used to improve physical endurance and stamina, as well as enhance muscle growth, during intense training protocols.

The brand seems to be well-known in the dieting and weight loss industry, and many people have used products made by this company in the past.

Products manufactured by this brand is easily obtainable for people who live in the United States due to the availability at various retailers – both online and physical retailers carry these products.

What Do They Sell?

This brand specializes in different types of products.

They have five lines of products available to customers, each providing specific functions that are either aimed to help the user lose excess weight or help them experience improvements in their performance while participating in sporting events or when going to the gym.

The five product lines that are currently available from this brand include:

Weight Loss

This is the standard line of HydroxyCut products that include their main products, including supplements, meal replacements, and more.

The goal of these products is to provide the customer with an affordable way to speed up the results of their weight loss program.

Premium Weight Loss

Similar to the main “weight loss” line of products manufactured by the brand, but offering higher-quality products with more potent ingredients that provide faster and more effective results.


A range of products that are made from certified organic ingredients.

These products have a USDA Organic certification and are also free of genetically modified organisms and gluten.


A line of products that are very similar to the main “weight loss” series, but all products in this line does not include any type of stimulants, such as caffeine.

These products are recommended for individuals who are known to experience sensitive reactions when taking products containing stimulants.


The fifth line of products that does not focus on weight loss, but rather supplementing the user’s body with essential amino acids, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that may help them perform better while they are active.

Some of the products in this line also contain ingredients that may aid in reducing body fat in the user – this is the idea for overweight individuals who would like to become more active, such as by participating in high-intensity workout protocols.

Most Popular Hydroxycut Products

Since this brand has such a large number of products to offer their customers, it is quite difficult to determine which are the most popular and most effective.

We did, however, find that some of their supplements tend to sell better than others, so we have decided to share with our users the most popular HydroxyCut products, based on our findings.

Weight Loss Drink Mix

HydroxyCut Weight Loss Drink Mix photo

A packet filled with liquid that is mixed with water and then consumed as a weight loss drink. No sugar is added to this product.

The main active ingredient in this product is called C. canephora robusta, which, according to the manufacturer, has been scientifically proven to deliver effective weight loss results, when combined with a reduced calorie diet and some exercise.

Pro Clinical Weight Loss Supplement

HydroxyCut Pro Clinical Weight Loss Supplement photo

Another popular product from this brand that comes in bottles that contain 72 capsules each.

This product has been formulated based on the latest scientific data available to help the customer lose weight safely.

The main ingredients of this product include C. canephora robusta, caffeine, vitamin D, vitamin B’s, and apple cider vinegar.

Hardcore Elite

HydroxyCut Hardcore Elite photo

One of the brand’s sports supplements that also seems to be a particularly popular product, boasting almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon and quite an impressive average rating.

The product combines Coleus Forskohlii, Green Coffee extracts, L-Theanine, and Yohimbe into a capsule that is taken for a fast and effective boost in performance.

HydroxyCut Black

HydroxyCut Black photo

This product forms part of the brand’s Premium Weight Loss product series and s available at a slightly higher price than most of their other products.

It has been developed to act as a thermogenic supplement, increasing the internal body temperature of the user while they are physically active, which leads to an improvement in fat loss.

Hydroxycut Side Effects

HydroxyCut side effects

This brand does not provide any information regarding possible side-effects or interactions that may be experienced by individuals who choose to use their products for weight loss or physical performance.

Customers should, however, be aware that some of the products manufactured by HydroxyCut contain Yohimbe, an ingredient that has been deemed possibly unsafe for many people.

Yohimbe is an extract of a certain tree.

It is most commonly used as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in the male population who wishes to avoid the use of Sildenafil and other pharmaceutical drugs used for the condition but have recently also become a popular ingredient in weight loss and performance enhancing supplements.

This ingredient may produce unwanted side-effects that could be harmful to the user.

Is Hydroxycut A Scam?

HydroxyCut scam

This brand has been providing customers with weight loss products for well over 20 years.

They have sold more than one million bottles of their supplements.

We have done extensive research on the brand and can assure our readers that they are definitely not a scam.

It is, however, important that customers who would like to buy products manufactured by this brand take a close look at the retailers that have been authorized to stock HydroxyCut products and assure they only buy the brand’s products from these retailers.

Hydroxycut Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

Hydroxycut Official Website

Products manufactured by this brand is available at a variety of retailers – some online and some physical retailers.

The brand has an official online website with a shopping portal that can be used to order the products directly from the manufacturer.

Their products are also available at the following retailers.

  • Walmart
  • GNC
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Campus Protein
  • AllStartHealth
  • Walgreens
  • CVS/pharmacy
  • Kmart
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Target
  • Winn Dixie
  • Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy

And more.

How much Hydrocut cost? Everything depends on the place of purchase.

For example on Amazon Pro Clinical Weight Loss Supplement can be bought for $17.83.

Walmart.com for the same product charge $18.77.

Hydroxycut Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The brand does not provide the same type of money-back guarantee often offered by similar companies.

Customers are allowed to return any products they are not satisfied with, but the products should be unused and in their original packaging.

This means that the brand does not allow a customer to use one of their supplements and return it to them for a refund if the supplement did not work for them.

Customers have a 30-day period to return products to the manufacturer and can only return the product if it was purchased at the official HydroxyCut online store.

Hydroxycut Pros & Cons

[su_row][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#029313″ radius=”7″]

  • HydroxyCut offers a large variety of products that, according to the brand, can easily be “mixed and matched” to help the customer adopt the perfect routine to ensure they can lose weight or boost their performance during their time at the gym or on the track. They deliver products that have been tailored toward different needs, ensuring that customers are able to choose a number of supplements that would be suited their goals – whether it is only to lose a couple of pounds, to transform from obesity toward a healthy weight, or to gain the upper hand while working out.
  • The products that are manufactured by this brand are some of the most affordable options on the market when it comes to losing weight and boosting physical performance. When the prices and ingredients, as well as the overall quality, of products by this particular brand is compared to those of other brands, we see that most brands that offer similar supplements tend to charge double the amount that most of the HydroxyCut brand’s products cost – sometimes even more. This means that this brand caters to everyone, even those who have a very small budget and would like to make positive changes in their life – starting with their weight.
  • In addition to being sold on the brand’s official online shopping portal, the brand has made their products available at many third-party retailers. This provides interested customers an opportunity to obtain the product while they are out shopping at certain local stores, or even while they are doing some shopping on Amazon. There are more than 30 different retailers that stock the supplements that are developed by this company.

[/su_box][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#c90e00″ radius=”7″]

  • Even though this brand’s products are available from a large number of both online and offline retailers, including their own online store, they officially only support the United States and Canada. Customers outside of these regions cannot buy the products manufactured by the brand at local retailers in their country, but may be able to purchase a selected number of products from online vendors who stock HydroxyCut products – in such a case, shipping fees to their local country from the United States may also be very expensive and may take several weeks to reach them.
  • The significantly large number of positive reviews behind the products by this brand is most certainly a good factor, but this can cause customers to skip the negative reviews – we found that there are still a lot of people who have tried these products without achieving any positive results. Additionally, some side-effects are also mentioned in these reviews, which HydroxyCut doesn’t disclose themselves, making it more difficult for customers to know everything they should expect and that may occur while they are using these weight loss and sports supplements.
  • Some of the products that have been developed by this brand contain Yohimbe, an ingredient that the FDA themselves, as well as several other organizations, including Health Canada, have warned the general population about. Even though extracted from natural sources, this ingredient has been proven to be extremely harmful to some users and is also considered a prescription-level substance in some countries, such as Canada.
  • The prices on the official online store of this brand are not consistent with the prices that the products are soldat when shopping at third-party retailers. Even on Amazon, we found that the prices greatly defers from that of the same products on the brand’s online store.

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Hydroxycut  Review: Final Verdict

HydroxyCut review: final verdict

The HydroxyCut brand provides their customers with a range of mix-and-match products that can be used for weight loss and improvements in physical performance.

The brand has been providing customers with weight loss solutions for over 20 years and more recently introduced their line of performance enhancing products that are all based on a range of naturally-extracted compounds.

Most products manufactured by this brand is available at multiple retailers throughout the United States, as well as a selected number of other countries.

The products can be purchased both online and offline.

This brand has been backed by many customers who were able to lose weight and improve their physical performance with the user of their products.

While there are some negative reviews associated with the products manufactured by the HydroxyCut brand, we found that most people are happy with the results they achieve when using this brand’s supplements.

So, what do you think about our HydroxyCut review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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