LeanBean Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

In this article LeanBean teview we will explain to you what is LeanBean, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

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Research has proven that women often find it harder than men to lose weight quickly and effectively. A higher risk of cravings and giving into temptations is usually what causes this weight loss struggle.

It is already known that excess weight causes problems with insulin use, heart health issues, joint deterioration, and more.

Thousands of products have hit the market. While many offer general weight loss support, others have more specialized purposes that yield specific results.

LeanBean is often considered somewhat of a revolution in the weight loss industry. Instead of taking a generalized approach, this supplement only focuses on providing support for women.

Let’s look at what this supplement is all about and how this supplement may be helpful for you in reaching your weight loss goals.

What Is LeanBean?

LeanBean is a weight loss supplement that is entirely different from what you will find on the shelves at your local supplements store. This product has been formulated to help women burn fat.

According to the official website, this product is “The number 1 fat burner of female athletes.”

The product claims only to make use of premier, premium-grade ingredients that have been researched to provide effective weight loss results, while also holding no threats to human health.

LeanBean does not include any of the potentially harmful stimulants that are often found in this type of natural weight loss supplements.

While not the cheapest on the market, this fat burner has been formulated to help you stop relying on cheap, ineffective weight loss products that only turns out to be a waste of money.

Investing in this product may yield better results and avoid potentially causing you to experience adverse reactions, due to the exclusion of specific ingredients known to cause people to experience side-effects.

LeanBean Ingredients

leanbean label

One of the most important facts to consider about a weight loss supplement like this is the ingredients used in its formula.

This can help you identify the possible benefits of the product, as well as identify any risks.

LeanBean has been formulated with a total of 12 powerful all-natural ingredients for maximum results.

Vitamin B12 & Vitamin B6

A combination of vitamin B6 and B12 have been added to the formula to assist with the elimination of toxins in the body.

These vitamins also assist with metabolism and may be beneficial for improving sleep, which is essential for recovering from intense workout routines.


Glucomannan is a special type of fiber.

This fiber is extracted from the Elephant Yam plant’s root and is able to provide a significant reduction in appetite.

When taking before a meal, it helps to bulk up the food included in your meal.

This results in you feeling fuller faster, which means you will eat fewer calories during each meal.

You will also find that your cravings become less potent as the bulking of consumed food means you will feel fuller for a more significant period of time after each meal.

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea is considered to be one of the most popular ingredients in the weight loss industry.

Most supplements tend to contain extracts of green tea leaves due to the potency that this ingredient has.

Green tea contains an insignificant amount of caffeine – just enough to speed up metabolism without causing adverse reactions.

The Catechins found in these extracts also helps to boost resting metabolism.


Turmeric is a safer alternative to Caffeine Anhydrous for women and yields similar effects in the body.

Turmeric will help to increase the body’s internal temperature and also provide a boost in overall metabolism, which, ultimately, helps you burn fat faster.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is a powerful natural detoxification ingredient that has two major benefits when it comes to weight loss – it helps to suppress your appetite, and it helps to increase the rate of your metabolism.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extracts have been scientifically proven to help reduce fat absorption in the body, prevent insulin levels from spiking, reduce blood glucose levels, and to help improve the rate at which fat is burnt by increasing the release of adiponectin hormones.


Piperine has been added for two important reasons.

Firstly, it greatly helps your body absorb all of the other natural herb and plant extracts that have been added to the formula of these supplements.

This ingredient also helps to suppress the accumulation of fat in your body.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have also become quite popular in modern weight loss supplements.

Scientific studies have proven this ingredient to be helpful in increasing the release of adiponectin hormones, as well as to make fat cells become more sensitive to norepinephrine hormones. In turn, this leads to faster weight loss results.

Chromium Picolinate

An essential trace mineral, chromium picolinate helps to improve the signaling of insulin in the body and also aids in reducing the release of sugar into the blood circulatory system.

These are two crucial aspects of both healthy living and weight management.

Garcinia Cambogia

Most people have heard of garcinia cambogia by now, an extremely popular weight loss ingredient found in thousands of supplements.

This ingredient helps to inhibit the release of enzymes that produce fat in the body.

Garcinia cambogia has also been proven to boost the release of Serotonin hormones in the gastrointestinal tract, which helps to reduce cravings and suppress appetite.

Acai Berry Extracts

Acai berries are naturally high in fiber, as well as important fatty acids.

The ingredient has been scientifically proven to provide four particular benefits when it comes to weight loss.

Acai berries help to improve the rate at which food is processed in the body, it helps to speed up metabolism, it causes you to burn fat faster, and it helps you better control your cravings.

How Does LeanBean Work?

LeanBean is not just another fat burner – this is a unique product that focuses on the specific weight-related issues women face on a daily basis.

The product helps women lose weight more effectively with a multifunctional formula.

Appetite Suppression

According to this product: “Studies have shown that women find cravings harder to resist than men, meaning the temptation to overeat is stronger in females.”

This is why the main action of these pills is to suppress your appetite.

The majority of ingredients found in the supplement has been proven to effectively make a person consume fewer calories during every meal, as well as help to curb those unhealthy cravings that cause women to overeat and gain more weight.

Improved Metabolism

Another goal of this female fat burner is to speed up your body’s metabolism.

The faster your metabolism, the better your body is able to burn off excess calories – both at a resting pace and while you are active.

A faster metabolism also means fewer calories will be converted into fat cells and distributed through your body, which reduces your risk of gaining excess weight during your weight loss efforts.

Improved Hormonal Balance

The third action provided by the LeanBean supplement is improvements in your body’s natural hormonal balance. Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen are vital for effective weight management.

A good balance between the two is crucial for health and to assist with the reduction of body weight.

The continuous exposure to environmental chemicals and toxins in certain foods can impair the body’s ability to maintain a healthy balance in these hormones.

The potent antioxidants help to eliminate these toxins from the body and lead to improvements in the balance of hormones in your body.

LeanBean Side Effects

LeanBean side effects

Since LeanBean contains green tea extracts, it is important to realize that the supplement does contain some naturally-occurring caffeine.

The good news, however, is that there is only a little amount of caffeine in green tea leaves.

This means that you are unlikely to experience jitters or other potential side-effects from this insignificant level of caffeine found in the supplement’s formula.

It is also important to note that this fat burning supplement is made from all-natural ingredients, which means there is always a possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction to some of the included ingredients.

We covered all the ingredients found in the formula above – be sure to look over every ingredient found in LeanBean to see if you are allergic to any of them before you start using this supplement.

How To Use LeanBean?

LeanBean is very easy to use. Each bottle contains a one-month supply of the supplement – you need to take four capsules daily for ongoing support and maximum results.

  • One capsule before you have breakfast
  • One capsule before you have lunch
  • One capsule in the afternoon
  • One capsule before you have dinner

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LeanBean Reviews

LeanBean reviews

The official website of this supplement lists a few great testimonies to give you an overview of how this product has helped others lose weight and reach their goals.

Charity, a recent client from the U.S.A., had this to say:

After taking Lean Bean my problems stopped, and my weight loss process was sped up!

Taylor, also from the U.S.A:

Honestly I love Leanbean. My overall mood has increased as well as my energy.

Peyton, another client in the United States:

Amazing product, I definitely have more weight to lose and muscle to gain, so I’m excited to see LeanBean’s end results!


So I tried it, and now I’m obsessed with it.

Since most brands will only show positive reviews received on their official website, we also decided to take a look at the LeanBean official Facebook page.

Most clients did seem very happy with the product.

We did, however, notice that some clients complain about poor customer support from the brand and that it takes the brand quite a long time to ship out the orders.

For example, Cortni Fischer had this to say on the brand’s Facebook page:

Says 3-6 days, but it’s been 16 Days, and nothing has changed on my account. Scam?

Leslie Marcozzi also had a similar problem:

I placed an order last week, and I have not received a notification that it has been shipped.

Another client, Kimberly Sablan:

Placed an order two weeks ago… still waiting on a shipment confirmation.

LeanBean Packages, Prices & Were To Buy

This is not your average weight loss supplement that you can pick up at your local Target store.

This product is also not available on Amazon.

It is important to note that searching for this product on Amazon will bring up a product called “Lean Bean” – this is not the same product!

You can buy LeanBean from the brand’s official website: leanbeanofficial.com.

where to buy LeanBean

There are three different packages you can choose from:

LeanBean Refunds & Returns

The product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, but only when three or more bottles of the supplement are ordered at the same time.

To request a refund, you will have to submit a complete diet and workout plan that you followed and proof to them that the supplement did not work for you.

A processing fee applies to the request for a refund on your order.

LeanBean Review: Final Verdict

The world is overwhelmed by thousands of weight loss supplements. Each product makes similar claims. It becomes nearly impossible to know which product will offer you real results.

LeanBean is a weight loss supplement that is unique in this industry. The product is formulated specifically to support weight loss in the female body.

Not only did the manufacturer focus on choosing the perfect ingredients, but also the perfect dosing of each ingredient. The supplement is easy to use and does not seem to cause unpleasant side-effects.

While some concerns have been lifted regarding the this brand, overall, we find this supplement to be a valid option with real potential. The ordering process is simple and no matter where you live, this product can be shipped right to your front door.

Now that we have shared the science and facts behind the LeanBean Female Fat Burning supplement, let us know what you think and if you want to give this product a try below!

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