Muscle Building Diet Secrets for Skinny Skeletons

skinny guy and muscle building

There are essentially three kinds of people in the bodybuilding world: first who are genetically blessed with a fit body, second who are always struggling to shed extra pound and third who are extremely lean and skinny trying their best to add muscles to their slender frames.

Skinny guys are always filled with wrong notion that they are doomed to remain like a skeleton for their entire lives. They feel that their existence is a bane in today’s age where flaunting a muscular body is an increasing trend.

While it is true that if you are skinny, you need to work extra hard to gain weight, muscle mass and strength. But it is equally true that by following a right muscle building diet you can attain your goals in a much easier manner.

In fact, a right muscle building diet is more important than muscle building exercise. Take an example of a car, you may tweak the engine for better performance but how will you notice the output unless you provide it with the fuel to run!

People who are not able to gain weight or build muscles usually have a high metabolic rate. If you are lean and looking for the right diet plan to pile on weight and build muscles then keep these handy tips in mind.

Eating more will help you for sure

First thing first, beyond doubts if you are skinny and looking to build muscles then you need to eat more than the other bodybuilders. The trick is to consume more calories than what is being burnt by your body in order to gain weight and build lean muscles.

Eat small meals throughout the day. The amount of food which you need to consume will depend upon you starting weight and how much muscles you actually want to gain. In order to understand the exact calorie need of your body, start keeping a track of what you eat throughout a day and see what kind of food give your muscle building a big boost.

High protein diet to give fast metabolism a fight

Even though skinny people would be told time and again to increase their calorie intake, it wouldn’t necessary provide them with the ticket to gorge on junk or processed food. This is because the ready to cook meals and take away usually provides your body with empty calories and doesn’t have high nutritional content.

If you want to beef up your body then you need to include a lot of protein in your diet which will help to develop as well as repair your muscles. Eat protein rich food like fish, whole eggs, poultry, milk, tofu and cottage cheese if you are skinny and eager to build muscles.

Fruits, whole grains and vegetables will assist you to grow faster

Our mom’s were right, we do need vegetables, fruits and milk to grow taller, sharper and stronger. Begin your day with a big bowl of oat meal and muesli. Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day to get your daily dose of antioxidants. Legumes and beans that are rich in protein and fiber are another great addition to your muscle building diet.

Keep a check on what you eat and follow a strict muscle building diet to change your small slender frame to big beefy body that will turn your friends green with envy.


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