Serovital Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

In this Serovital Review we will explain to you what is Serovital, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best alternative.

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I’ve read quite a few Serovital reviews that are incredibly popular and positive.

People are really raving about this human growth hormone (HGH) product.

So what’s the truth about it?

Can it decrease your body fat as some people claim?

Can it give you stronger bones, reduce wrinkles and smooth your skin?

A lot of people are saying that Serovital can make you look and feel years younger!

When you are reading such amazing claims around a supplement you can simply order online, it does make you wonder if Serovital is a miracle product or scam?

What Is Serovital HGH?

Every human being has a normal growth hormone level.

These are the accepted normal levels for men and women:

  • Men 1-9 nanograms per millilitre
  • women 1-16 nanograms per millilitre

Levels of HGH can rise or fall depending on various factors, for example people who do exercise can usually experience high levels.

Serovital HGH is a supplement that claims it can elevate your growth hormone levels.

To be fair to the company, on their website it does say that you should take the product alongside exercise and a good diet, so they are not describing it purely as a miracle product.

It works apparently by creating optimum pituitary gland output.

This is the trait that is supposed to help with reducing wrinkles, naturally decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, plus other sideline effects such as elevated mood and generally making people more energetic and looking younger.

That’s quite an impressive list isn’t it.

Serovital Ingredients: What’s In It?

The ingredients in Serovital that claim to perform these miracles are as follows:


This is an essential amino acid. When we call it essential, it means that we don’t produce it naturally in the human body, we have two get it from somewhere else.

Studies around Lysine are mixed, with several that I found relating to HGH levels finding that on its own it did not raise HGH, but it did in conjunction with Arginine.


This is made within the body and has also been included in growth hormone supplements for years.

It has been found in studies to minimally raise HGH levels when combined with Lysine.

Other ingredients within this supplement are:

  • Oxo-Prolione
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine
  • Glutamine
  • Schizonepeta

The only one of these other ingredients that has ever been very weakly linked to raising hormone growth levels is glutamine.

Does Serovital Work?

As I have already indicated, there have definitely been scientific studies conducted where it has been found that individual ingredients, or combinations of ingredients contained within Serovital can increase HGH levels.

But the devil is in the detail.

For example, a 2010 study on arginine noted that if given to a test subject before they took exercise, then the exercise could actually reduce HGH levels, not raise them as you would expect.

In addition, a study from 1993 that I found online, concluded that a combination of lysine and arginine did not raise HGH levels in many subjects, and specifically not in older men when compared to the placebo group.

So specifically, Serovital for men is not supported scientifically as universally positive.

The only study I can find relating directly to Serovital is a study by the company.

It is listed on the website and you can even download a PDF of it. But basically, the study only involves 16 people who were all in their 30s.

On top of that, the study only lasted two weeks.

But despite the limitations of this, it does not stop Serovital listing the results of the study on their box ambiguously, stating:

“Clinically tested 682% increase”

But it does not mention HGH or link the study to it directly.

It’s this ambiguity, along with the fact that there are no trials where a placebo group undertakes exercise instead, to prove if this product works at all.

Serovital Side Effects

Serovital side effects

In terms of side effects, Serovital appears to be safe for people who are healthy to take.

This is not necessarily true for pregnant women or other special health groups however and you should always consult a doctor.

Generally, a couple of the ingredients in this supplement can reduce blood pressure.

So if you take medication already lowers blood pressure, then this is an issue.

One of the ingredients, schizonepeta, has been linked to liver problems in high amounts.

It doesn’t appear that there is much of this is serovital but it’s worth bearing in mind.

Is Serovital A Scam?

I’m convinced there is no deliberate Serovital scam going on, however there are a lot of complaints about the fact that he doesn’t seem to work.

This doesn’t surprise me considering the ingredients, the dosage they are found in and the lack of research backing up the claims the company make.

Reviews on Amazon are mixed, with the main supplement product receiving only three stars an average, with plenty of one star Serovital reviews amazon such as:

“This is not it. It doesn’t exist, unless you can spend a lot of money on injections and other medical procedures. THIS CAN HURT YOU. Please read the below.

The following text is ALL from WebMd.

“The Federal Trade Commission has seen **no reliable evidence** to support the claim that these products have the same effects as prescription HGH, which is always given by injection.

“Taken orally, HGH is digested by the stomach before it can be absorbed into the body.

“HGH can also increase the risk of diabetes and contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors.”

Serovital Free Trial & Where To Buy It

There was no free trial of Serovital available at a time of this review, so I cannot comment on if it is a good deal will not, or how you are tied in at the end of it.

You can buy Serovital through all the usual obvious online pharmacies and retailers, such as Amazon where it is currently priced at $118.99 for 160 sachets.

You may be able to get the cost lower through finding a money-saving serovital coupon online somewhere but again, at the time of writing this review I could not find any available.

Serovital Review: Conclusion

I don’t think that Serovital is the miracle worker it claims to be.

I see little evidence in user reviews or published studies to back up its claims it can significantly raise levels of HGH.

Although Serovital has got a name from places like Dr Oz, a lot of this is misplaced and I really wouldn’t put much faith in a lot of the online reviews of this supplement.

So, what do you think about our Serovital review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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