Super Beta Prostate Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

In this Super Beta Prostate review we will explain to you what Super Beta Prostate is, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

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The prostate gland serves several important functions in the male body but often becomes problematic as a man starts to age.

With proper care, however, these problems can potentially be prevented or at least eased in case they already developed.

There are quite a large number of supplements that are being promoted to assist in improving prostate function and relieving symptoms such as discomfort and inflammation.

The problem, however, is that most of these supplements end up being a waste of the customer’s money.

Today, we want to take a look at Super Beta Prostate.

This is a prostate supplement that has been formulated to help men experiencing symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia, as well as general prostate-related issues, find relief and get back to living their lives uninterrupted.

What Is Super Beta Prostate?

Super Beta Prostate is a supplement designed for men who are experiencing troubles caused by their prostate.

This may include urinary symptoms, such as frequent urination, a burning sensation while urinating, or the feeling that the man is unable to fully empty their bladder when they urinate.

Additionally, the supplement is also promoted to assist men who have trouble sleeping due to frequent urges to urinate during the night.

This supplement takes advantage of several compounds that are extracted from plant-based sources, as well as a combination of minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional substances.

All of the compounds that have been added to the formula of this product have gone through extensive research and clinical studies to provide evidence of their effectiveness in reducing symptoms associated with conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The product is manufactured and distributed by New Vitality, a nutraceutical brand that has become relatively popular in the supplement industry over the last few years.

More than 10 million bottles of this supplement have been sold to date, and a lot of positive comments have been made about this product in a variety of online media publications.

Super Beta Prostate Ingredients

Super Beta Prostate ingredients

A combination of nutrients and plant compounds have been included in Super Beta Prostate to help men experience relief of the prostate-related symptoms they may be experiencing, such as issues with their urination, as well as pain and discomfort.

The ingredients found in this product include:

  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum
  • Beta Sitosterol (plant sterols)
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate
  • Silica
  • Pygeum bark powdered extract

These ingredients have been included based on scientific research performed on the use of natural compounds to alleviate symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland.

The manufacturer also took the safety profiles of the ingredients they included in the supplement into account during the development of the formula.

How Does Super Beta Prostate Work?

Super Beta Prostate How it works

The prostate gland is responsible for a number of functions in the male body and is found just below the bladder, where it surrounds the urethra.

In some men, a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (or enlarged prostate) can cause the prostate gland to swell.

By the age of 40, around 8% of men experience symptoms of this condition.

The prevalence increases to 80% in men aged 90 and older.

When the prostate gland swells up and becomes enlarged, then the urethra may be compressed, and pressure may be placed on the man’s bladder.

This can cause a number of uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms to start developing.

This product includes several ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help reduce this swelling that occurs in the prostate gland.

When the size of the man’s prostate is reduced, the symptoms that they experienced will start to ease, and their regular bladder function will be restored.

This all results in less time spent running to the toilet and more time for completing daily activities.

This would also allow the man to get better sleep as the frequent nighttime urination caused by conditions that affect the prostate gland is known to interfere with a man’s ability to sleep at night.

How To Use Super Beta Prostate?

The optimal dosage of Super Beta Prostate is two capsules per serving, which should ideally be taken once every day.

The manufacturer states that some users may find that a single tablet each day yields effective results, but for maximum benefits they recommend the user sticks to the two capsules per serving suggestion.

This would yield faster results and help to provide a more potent reduction in the conditions that are affecting their prostate gland.

There are no indications regarding whether or not the supplement should be taken with or without food.

In most cases, supplements like this are advised to be taken on an empty stomach.

Individuals with a sensitive stomach should, however, rather take the supplement with some food to avoid experiencing an upset stomach.

It is important to note that this supplement will not provide effective results within the first use.

Instead, the user will need to continue using the product and avoid skipping doses in order to ensure they can experience the benefits that the supplement can provide them with.

The manufacturer of the product claims that the user will be able to experience the full benefits of the supplement after the first two to three months of daily use.

Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Super Beta Prostate side effects

New Vitality, the manufacturer of this supplement, has not released data regarding any type of side-effects that the user may experience when they use the supplement.

They do, however, advise the user to consult with a physician if they plan to use this supplement with any type of medication that they may be on – including over-the-counter medication and prescription medication.

A physician will be able to provide more details on possible interactions that may occur.

We looked at many reviews on Amazon and other platforms where the product is listed and could not find any complaints about side-effects that users experienced.

Super Beta Prostate Reviews & Complaints

Super Beta Prostate reviews

We found a relatively large number of reviews regarding this product, which offered us the ability to get a clear overview of how this product has affected past buyers.

Below is an overview of some positive reviews that we found on the listings for this supplement.

I have been using Super Beta Prostate for nearly 20 years. Keeps everything working like it is supposed to work. I’m 75 and going strong.

I am now able to sleep most nights without having to get up and go to the bathroom.

Have used Super Beta Prostate for many years, off and on. When I see symptoms of prostate issues, will take and see resolved issues within days.

We should also take a look at some of the negative reviews.

Worthless and overpriced – worse and far less effective than ordinary saw palmetto capsules.

I had high hopes for this product, but after using an entire bottle noticed no improvement.

I won’t even consider giving this product one star. Don’t waste your money. I tried four bottles in four months. Nothing happens.

Super Beta Prostate Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

Super Beta Prostate Official Website

The product is only available in a container that includes 60 capsules.

This is an adequate supply of the product for a 30-day period.

This supplement is available at different retailers.

Customers can choose to take advantage of the trial offer on the Super Beta Prostate website or choose to buy single units from third-party marketplaces.

On the official website, the customer will receive their first bottle of the product without being charged for the supplement.

They will only be charged a flat $6.99 fee for shipping and handling.

The customer is then subscribed to an automated ordering program.

Their credit card will be charged $39.95 for a new bottle of the product every month, along with a $6.99 fee for shipping.

The product is also available on the Amazon platform.

Here, the product comes in a pack of two bottles, providing a two-month supply for the customer.

The cost for this double pack is $48.49.

Free shipping is offered when the customer buys the product on Amazon.

This supplement can also be purchased at GNC, where it costs $32.99 per bottle.

This online retailer also offers free shipping on these orders.

It is important to note that all retailers that stock this supplement only offers shipping to addresses located in the United States.

Some retailers also offer shipping to Canadian addresses.

Super Beta Prostate Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

To ensure customers are satisfied with this product, New Vitality is offering all customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of this product.

The guarantee only applies to a customer’s first order.

The customer is allowed to use the supplement for one month.

If no improvements in their symptoms are experienced, they can get in touch with the manufacturer of Super Beta Prostate in order to initiate a refund process.

It should be noted that the company will not refund the full amount that the customer paid when they initially ordered the product, as fees for processing and shipping will be deducted.

Super Beta Prostate Pros & Cons

[su_row][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#029313″ radius=”7″]

  • The product sets itself aside from other prostate blends on the market due to the fact that it includes its active ingredients at the doses that they are used in during clinical trials where positive effects are noted among male participants. This means that the product will yield results that are closer to the results achieved through clinical studies.
  • The free trial offer provided to first-time customers is considered more convenient than many competing brands featuring similar trial offers. While most brands tend to send the customer a 30-day supply of their product but only provide a 14-day trial offer, this brand rather provides the customer with a full 30 days for testing their product. The customer is only required to pay for shipping on their first order, should they buy the product from the official website where the product is promoted and sold.
  • The doses of the active ingredients that have been added to the formula of this product are higher than many of the competing prostate support supplements that are currently available on the market. This yields a more potent product that may have more significant benefits to the user when used according to the dosage and usage instructions provided on the supplement’s container.
  • Apart from the natural plant extracts that are included in this supplement, the manufacturer has also decided to include a variety of nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, to supply the user’s body with important nutritional substances that are known to contribute to a healthy prostate.
  • Super Beta Prostate can be purchased at a variety of retailers, such as Amazon. This makes it easy for men who already trust these online platforms to buy the supplement without having to place an order and enter their credit card details on a website that they do not trust as much. The product also comes at a lower price on Amazon as on the official website and at GNC, due to the 2-pack offer featured here.

[/su_box][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#c90e00″ radius=”7″]

  • It seems like the customer services team from the manufacturer of this prostate support supplement is not very responsible and also not helpful. There are many customers complaining about the fact that they sent questions and requests to the customer support team with either no responses at all or unhelpful responses that did not solve the issue they emailed them about.
  • There are a relatively large number of negative reviews found on the listings for Super Beta Prostate at various online stores, including GNC and Amazon. This means that, even though the product does seem to work for some of the men who have used it, it will certainly not work for everyone.
  • Some users have a complaint about the refund process is inconvenient. The guarantee allows a customer to claim their money back if they are unhappy, but customers are stating that the customer care team takes a long time to respond to these requests and that it is relatively difficult to go through the entire process of filing a refund request.

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Super Beta Prostate Review: Final Verdict

Super Beta Prostate review: final verdict

Inflammation affecting the prostate gland can cause discomfort, as well as urinary symptoms and even cause a man to find it difficult to sleep due to frequent urges to urinate.

These symptoms can have a significant impact on the man’s life.

Super Beta Prostate is a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients that aim to reduce swelling of the prostate gland and restore optimal functionality.

The supplement does not contain any chemical or pharmaceutical ingredients and is available from a variety of both online and offline stores.

It comes at an affordable price, and most customers who have left a review on the listings for this product had good things to say.

So, what do you think about our Super Beta Prostate review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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