Top 5 Tips on Muscle Building for Women

woman bodybuilding

Move aside men and give way to women for they too are eager to lose weight and build muscles. Muscle building for women is not same as the bodybuilding done by men. In case of ladies, the main aim is to indulge in muscle building workout which will help them in losing excess flab and tone up their body.

Muscle building for women is not all about just lifting weights or spending tireless hours in gym slogging away at cardio exercises. Yes, you do need to do sustained cardio workouts to burn fat which should be followed with a weight lifting session but are you following the right approach towards muscle building?

One of the most common mistakes which the females do in order to build muscles is to make extreme modifications in their diet which may do them more harm than good. If you are one of the lovely lasses’ who is looking for some effective muscle building for women tips then tighten your shoe laces and let’s get started.

1. Watch what you eat

First thing first, females are emotional eaters and can finish endless cookies and chips when having animated conversation with their friends. The first step towards journey of muscle building for women starts with saying ‘NO’ to processed food and packaged items that are filled with Trans-fat.

Instead have a meal that is a good combination of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat to provide necessary fuel to your body during exercise. When hungry in-between meals rich out for a handful of nuts, baby carrots or celery sticks to quench your cravings, if you want your body to run at optimal performance.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Haven’t we heard this one before? During muscle building workouts we sweat a lot and it is essential to keep your body hydrated for flushing out access toxins and to prepare it better for workout. Also avoid alcohol when looking to build muscles as they can make you feel dehydrated. A common error made by many ladies is that they drink a lot of fruit juices while on muscle building spree. It is advisable to snack on fruits instead as fruit juices contain more sugar and are devoid of any fibers.

3. Wonderful weight training

Weights in gym are not only meant for men but muscle building for women will be incomplete without weight training. Do bench presses, squats, dead lofts and curls and see the extra flab melt away.

4. High intensity training

Once you have developed a certain strength training routine you then need to take it to high intensity circuit where you should do all the exercises at maximum exertion. Not only will it boost your metabolic rate but will also help you in burning fat faster which will result in building lean muscle mass.

5. Motivation is the key to success

Muscle building for women is a tiring and strenuous process. One has to stay motivated in order to succeed. Once you get into a routine, things become easier. You can also take help from your friends and family to push you to go to gym every day.Muscle building for women will make them fit and would help them in emerging as better performers in other areas of life too.


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