Xyngular Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

In this Xyngular review we will explain to you what Xyngular is, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

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The proliferation of diet products, plans and systems is truly astonishing.

In the past 10 years literally hundreds of these products have been developed and sold by companies, each claiming to be “the one”.

Xyngular reviews are often really positive but what’s the truth?

Most weight loss supplements are simple fillers and meal replacements, along with other ingredients which are meant to help you burn fat and lose weight.

So how do Xyngular products compare with with all the other products out there?

What Is Xyngular?

Xyngular products

Xyngular is a complete weight loss system that consists of meal replacement shakes, appetite suppressants and even sleep regulating supplements.

There are several different products available from the company.

Things like the Xyngular global blend for example.

In fact there is a huge range of individual diet and lifestyle products you can buy.

In his review I’m going to concentrate mostly on the two kits offered by the company:

  • Xyngular Ignite
  • Xyngular Ultimate Transformation

Ignite claims to change habits and burn calories while ultimate transformation claims to be complete nutritional support to change your lifestyle.

These are both major claims.

Focusing on the actual Xyngluar diet kit – Ignite.

It is basically also called the Xyngular 8 Day Challenge.

The claim is that you can lose weight for the long term in just eight days.

Basically it requires you to have a specialist diet supplied by the kit of around 800 cal.

It is meant to be for people who have struggled to lose weight in the long term.

Xyngular Ingredients: What’s Actually In It?

xyngular package

This is where things get a little uneasy for me.

The ingredients of many Xyngluar products are quite controversial I feel:

  • Senna Leaf powder
  • Konnyaku powder
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Bitter orange extract
  • Yohimbe bark extract

All of these have been linked with side effects.

The reason for this is that the basis of Xyngluar seems to be to try and raise metabolism, suppress appetite and increase energy.

For example, Konnyaku powder is more commonly known as glucomannan.

It has been linked to side effects such as blockages in the throat and intestines, difficulty breathing, increased bowel movement, diarrhoea and dehydration.

The FDA has notified companies trying to make weight loss claims around this ingredient.

In addition, Canada issued a health advisory warning around choking hazards with this ingredient.

And that’s just one of the ones I’ve listed. In total there are around 30 ingredients in the 8 Day challenge that are contentious.

So I think that Xyngular side effects are real serious concern.

Xyngular Weight Loss: Does It Work?

does Xyngular work

The object of this diet is obviously to use stimulants to give you a rapid increase in energy, while at the same time suppressing appetite.

The idea is obviously to kickstart weight loss rapidly to encourage you to see quick results and maintain it.

But the problem is that using this dietary supplement with the ingredients it contains could be potentially harmful.

Some of the products have been linked to significant side effects if used for more than a week at a time.

On top of that, the ingredients do not have enough reliable evidence to suggest that they do actually help with weight loss in a safe way.

There is no scientific basis for this product.

There are no trials and tests that have been independently carried out to suggest that it could work.

Xyngular Reviews and Complaints: Is It A Scam?

Xyngular reviews

The company’s steers clear of making any direct claims on their website.

They claim that their products can “Help achieve common health goals”, whatever that means, but I think we all understand that they mean losing weight.

I think it is close to a scam if I’m honest because the company must know it doesn’t work properly otherwise they would be backing it up with research, and distributing it more widely into shops, which is simply not happening.

On top of that there are an incredible amount of complaints out there from customers

For example:

“I really want my money back, these products simply do not work.”

“False and dishonest business practices.”

“I felt horrible. Racing heartbeat, high blood pressure and everything feeling bad.”

On top of these obvious problems, you cannot rely on visual evidence such as Xyngular before and after photos.

Some of these are so obviously doctored or misleading it’s ridiculous.

Xyngular Price & Where To Buy It

Xyngular Official Website

The first thing I should mention here is that the company runs a multilevel marketing strategy. You can sell the product on and make a profit from other people, and recruit people below you.

This pyramid scheme makes it a hugely vested interest in people are selling this product any cost.

On top of that, the company operates an automated rebilling system.

If you order the products from them or an authorized reseller then you will get enrolled in a rebilling system.

The price seem to vary, but the most common price I have found for the 8 Day challenge kit is $377.

This is obviously an insane price.

On top of that, half the sites you can buy it from our obvious resellers, who are openly encourage you to buy it at a lower price if you also sign up to be a member, basically giving them a percentage of your sales in the future if you decide to sell it.

Xyngular Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Xyngular review: final verdict

For me the answer is simply no. There is a huge reliance on laxatives, stimulants, horrible cheap quality fiber, GMO Soy and other very dubious ingredients.

For me there are no pros about this product, and lots of Xyngluar cons:

  • It’s completely unproven as a product range to do anything at all.
  • Put together the ingredients could be a timebomb for your body.
  • It’s potentially unsafe.
  • Its expensive.
  • There is automated rebilling.
  • It’s a pyramid scheme.

I think if you want to try a supplements that could help you to lose weight than I would suggest you don’t throw a load of money at something which could be dangerous, and instead try one of our recommended alternatives.

So, what do you think about our Xyngular review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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