ZQuiet Review 2020: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

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In this ZQuiet Review we will explain to you what is ZQuiet, how does it work, its benefits, side effects, show you real customers reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

Zquiet Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

Snoring, a term that refers to vibrations created within the throat due to a restriction is something that affects around 90 million adults in the United States.

It is also estimated that approximately 37 million adults in the country snore on a frequent basis – often every night.

Snoring can be a troublesome condition for both the individual affected, as well as for their partner who is sleeping in the same bed or room as them.

When a person snores, it often causes other individuals sleeping closeby to experience difficulty falling and staying asleep.

In turn, sleep deprivation can cause a number of adverse health effects to develop.

It is also important to consider the fact that snoring may be a sign of a more serious condition, known as sleep apnea.

Furthermore, snoring has also been linked to cardiovascular diseases.

One paper explains that individuals who snore frequently may be at a higher risk of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack, as well as other adverse effects in regards to their cardiovascular system.

In this article we are going to talk about product called ZQuiet.

The company claims to treat snoring problems and we are going to check if this is true.

What Is ZQuiet?

buy zquiet

ZQuiet is a relatively small appliance that has been designed especially for individuals who find that their snoring does not only affect themselves but also their partner and other individuals sleeping close to them.

The device was made with materials that are safe for the mouth and, according to the manufacturer of this product, it will help to reduce snoring and possibly even completely eliminate snoring from the very first night that the customer uses the appliance.

This product was developed by a company known as Sleeping Well, LLC.

Their headquarters are located in the United States, and they spend their research on finding more innovative ways that they can help their customers snore less and thoroughly improve the quality of their sleep.

The scientists and doctors behind this brand understand just how important sleep is and how poor sleep can lead to a range of different health-related problems.

The company offers different ways of support to customers to ensure all questions can be answered and that customers can rest assured that they are buying from a brand that cares about their sleep quality.

Noteworthy ZQuiet Features

One of the most important features to note about the ZQuiet anti-snoring appliance is the brand’s unique “Living Hinge Technology.”

This is, essentially, what makes this particular product a better option that some of the other snoring devices that can currently be found on the market.

The Living Hinge Technology has been developed to ensure optimal comfort by creating a material that is not only soft but also flexible.

This, in turn, ensures no strain is placed on the user’s mouth while the piece is in place while they sleep, unlike some snoring appliances that are known to cause discomfort and strain.

Another important feature that should be taken into account is the fact that the appliance was developed by experienced dentists, who already know what role the mouth plays in snoring and allowing proper airflow while a person is asleep.

How Does ZQuiet Work?

The ZQuiet appliance was designed with comfort and freedom in mind.

The appliance works by correcting the alignment of the jaw, which can have a considerable impact on whether a person snores or sleeps quietly.

The purpose of the design is to help bring the jaw into a more stable position while the appliance is inside the user’s mouth.

The jaw is also brought forward and into a more comfortable, open position, as compared to sleeping without the appliance.

Individuals who tend to snore often have a jaw that lowers when they are asleep.

In turn, this causes the tongue to relax and, in turn, fall backward.

This then causes the airway in the throat to become restricted, leading to a vibration being generated during breathing – and, of course, the annoying sounds of snoring.

When this appliance is placed in the mouth, it will prevent the jaw from lowering, but instead, keep it in the right position to help reduce the risk of the tongue falling backward.

The result is an airway that is kept open during sleep, which means the vibration of snoring will not be created when the person is breathing while they are sleeping.

How To Use ZQuiet?

how to use ZQuiet

Using the ZQuiet snoring appliance is surprisingly easy, and it is not as uncomfortable as some people might think.

Many of the snoring devices similar to this one can be quite invasive and even uncomfortable to sleep with, due to harder materials and an overall larger design.

The ZQuiet option, however, was designed to be soft and flexible, and also small enough to avoid causing the user any discomfort while they are trying to sleep.

To use this appliance, the user should simply place it inside of their mouth just before they go to bed.

They should follow the directions that are included with the appliance in order to ensure they position it correctly in their mouth.

Once inserted, the user can get into bed and go to sleep without having to worry about the appliance or about the possibility of snoring.

The mouthpiece was designed to be versatile and non-invasive, which ensures the user also does not have to worry about their sleeping position – the user can turn on any side and adopt any sleeping position without having to worry about the effectiveness of the ZQuiet appliance in their mouth.

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Who Can And Can’t Use ZQuiet?

It is vital for individuals interested in this mouthpiece to understand that it may not work equally for every person who tries the product out.

Individuals with slight obstructions in their airway when they lie down may benefit from the use of the ZQuiet appliance.

Those individuals with more serious problems causing their snoring, however, may not benefit as much from the use of this particular appliance.

This mostly applies to individuals who have a more serious health issue causing obstruction of their airway during sleep.

Additionally, it is important to note that, even though this mouthpiece may help to eliminate snoring, underlying health problems such as heart disease still needs to be attended to by a medical practitioner.

ZQuiet Side Effects

ZQuiet side effects

No particular side effects have been noted by the manufacturer of ZQuiet.

Additionally, we could also not find any particular side-effects noted by individuals who have previously used this particular mouthpiece to help them stop snoring at night.

Individuals who use this product should still be on the lookout for potential adverse effects while using the device and report any such events to their physician to determine if the appliance might be contributing to the side effects and whether the user should rather stop using the ZQuiet device.

Is ZQuiet A Scam?

ZQuiet scam

Snoring is a medical condition and many of the devices on the market, such as ZQuiet, makes it seem very easy to treat this problem.

Thus, it is common for people to ask whether a particular product promising to help them stop snoring would actually work or rather end up being a scam – something they pay for that would not deliver the results they expect from it.

Fortunately, there is no evidence that suggests the ZQuiet appliance is a scam or that the company has ever been involved in any illicit activities.

In fact, the product has been reviewed by dentists and healthcare professionals – and there are several dentists that now recommend this particular product to their patients as a way of helping them cope with their snoring.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that ZQuiet was designed by an experienced dentist and was created to target the primary cause of snoring.

The appliance is also evaluated by the FDA, further adding credibility to this appliance and the brand that manufactures the mouthpiece.

ZQuiet Reviews & Complaints

ZQuiet reviews

The reviews surrounding this product are mutual.

On the product’s official website, only a number of positive reviews are shared.

When we look at the product’s page on the Amazon marketplace, then we see that there is an almost equal number of positive and negative reviews.

The product has an average rating of 3.0 out of 5.0 on Amazon.

While there are many happy customers, we also found that a relatively large number of the individuals who have reviewed the product were not happy with it.

Let’s start by looking at some positive reviews.

My husband has been using this for two nights, and he has not snored once! I woke up early and refreshed.

I’ve been a snorer since day 1 and have tried a couple of products prior to this, which all failed. I decided to try ZQuiet and glad I did because it works great. I’ve used a different brand mouthpiece in the past and wasn’t as comfortable and had a weird taste to it. With ZQuiet the mouthpiece is odorless and tasteless, and my wife confirms I’m no longer snoring, which makes her happy. Happy wife, happy life!

My husband said he thought I was dead because I was so quiet – I slept ten straight hours. I am feeling rested and have recommended the product to several people. I did experience discomfort at first, but it disappeared after a week or two. I would recommend that the product is manufactured with either the upper or lower a slightly different color to differentiate between them.

And now, let’s also take a look at some of the negative reviews.

Sadly it hasn’t helped as promised and makes my teeth ache pretty badly, even after weeks of use. It honestly feels like my teeth might out of alignment if I’m not careful so I’ll be asking for a refund.

My husband tried both sizes, used each of them a few nights to a week to really give them a fair shot, but there was no change in his snoring. He’s still sawing logs they can hear down the street. They’ve been returned.

Extremely uncomfortable, fell out of my mouth, made me gag. Did not enjoy this at all.

ZQuiet Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

zquiet official website

This product should be purchased at the official website: zquiet.com.

Only one package is available for individuals interested in buying the ZQuiet appliance.

This is a package that comes with two of these appliances – each a different size, allowing the customer to feel which option works best for them.

A convenient storage case is also included.

Customers are able to sign up for a trial offer.

The trial offer enables the customer to test the product and see if it works for them.

A $9.95 charge is made to the customer’s credit card when they sign up for the trial, which is for shipping and handling.

After 30 days, the customer will be charged a fee of $79.95 for the product if they did not return the appliance within the trial period.

ZQuiet Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

After signing up for the ZQuiet trial, the customer has a one-month period to test the product.

If the customer is not satisfied with the mouthpiece, they can send it back to the manufacturer of the product and will not be charged the $79.95 once the trial period ends.

ZQuiet Review: Final Verdict

ZQuiet review: final verdict

Snoring is not only something that keeps a partner awake at night, but may be a sign of something more serious – research has linked heart disease, strokes, and other conditions to frequent snoring.

For those who are annoyed with snoring and wants to find relief, a number of options have been developed.

Even though surgical options are available, several devices can offer a non-invasive way of reducing snoring.

The ZQuiet anti-snoring device provides a fast, effective, and safe way for people who often snore to reducing their nighttime snoring and help them sleep better.

Not only will this particular device offer the individual who frequently snores a better night of sleep, but will also allow their partner to sleep without being frequently disrupted with the snoring.

So, what do you think about our ZQuiet review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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